Monday, August 31, 2009

Sexpos vs Capital Carnage in Ottawa

The Sexpos travelled to Ottawa to take on the Capital Carnage team - which was actually a mix of players from a few Ontario leagues. The Sexpos for their part were without El Kaboom, Mustache Rides, K-Dawg, Striking Viking, Roadkill, Beals on Wheels, Karla Shnikov, Myle Heather, Nut So Virgin Mary and Lil Homewrecker. Additions to the roster for the game, included Low Dive Jenny, Thora Lee Loaded and Gale Storm for a total of twelve players.

Ok, so this bout was really hard for me to describe. All in attendance at the Civic center, especially the south side, agreed that the tempo was a bit subdued in this bout. However, in good Sexpos fashion, they don’t give a shit how the other team plays, they just give it Sexpos-style.

The Sexpos started with an 8-0 run in the first jam and that was about it, they led the whole way and was the closest Carnage got. The only thing that was shared was lead jammer status, but the Sexpos stuffed most of Carnage’s on scoring pass. The score at halftime was 73 –23, give or take, I haven’t looked at the tape yet.

Second half was much of the same, but most of the game looked like a Nascar pile-up, with bodies and knee pads slamming on the track, don’t believe me? Buy the dvd. The century was in reach in the second, so it was taken 157- 48 for the Sexpos.

I believe the Sexpos program is still in the right direction, even when they field some of their newest skaters, they have a good result. The only loss to date being against the best of NH.

I’m not gonna say this was a barn burner, because it wasn’t. It is difficult to play against rebuilding sides and keep top form, the talent gap was visible. Don’t believe me? Buy the game dvd - it don’t lie.

The bench combo of Hellcatraz and Roadkill made sure all players hit the floor, and as always, the Sexpos had fun kicking some ass!

Dr.Johnny Capote

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