Monday, August 31, 2009

"We'll give you the clothing off our back*" clothing swap.

(*for a small fee)

Thursday, September 10, 2009
7:00pm - 11:00pm
Cagibi (the back room)

5490 st.laurent

Fabulous clothing!
Yummy food & beer!
Party games!

Three of our favorite things! Are there enough exclamation points to communicate how excited we are?! Probably not!!!

We are raising funds to send our all-star team, the New Skids on the Block, to Tennessee in October for sanctioned bouts against both Nashville and Knoxville - and we need you our loyal friends and fans! Please spread the word!

Free entry - and because we are more fun than a proverbial barrel of monkeys, are you are guaranteed a good time just for showing your purty face!

You can swap some clothing, play some bingo and have some food and beer - all while helping us bring our special form of "je ne sais quoi" to the deep south.

-$5 for a bag of clothes, $3 for every additional bag.
-$1 for each bingo card

Sexpos vs Capital Carnage in Ottawa

The Sexpos travelled to Ottawa to take on the Capital Carnage team - which was actually a mix of players from a few Ontario leagues. The Sexpos for their part were without El Kaboom, Mustache Rides, K-Dawg, Striking Viking, Roadkill, Beals on Wheels, Karla Shnikov, Myle Heather, Nut So Virgin Mary and Lil Homewrecker. Additions to the roster for the game, included Low Dive Jenny, Thora Lee Loaded and Gale Storm for a total of twelve players.

Ok, so this bout was really hard for me to describe. All in attendance at the Civic center, especially the south side, agreed that the tempo was a bit subdued in this bout. However, in good Sexpos fashion, they don’t give a shit how the other team plays, they just give it Sexpos-style.

The Sexpos started with an 8-0 run in the first jam and that was about it, they led the whole way and was the closest Carnage got. The only thing that was shared was lead jammer status, but the Sexpos stuffed most of Carnage’s on scoring pass. The score at halftime was 73 –23, give or take, I haven’t looked at the tape yet.

Second half was much of the same, but most of the game looked like a Nascar pile-up, with bodies and knee pads slamming on the track, don’t believe me? Buy the dvd. The century was in reach in the second, so it was taken 157- 48 for the Sexpos.

I believe the Sexpos program is still in the right direction, even when they field some of their newest skaters, they have a good result. The only loss to date being against the best of NH.

I’m not gonna say this was a barn burner, because it wasn’t. It is difficult to play against rebuilding sides and keep top form, the talent gap was visible. Don’t believe me? Buy the game dvd - it don’t lie.

The bench combo of Hellcatraz and Roadkill made sure all players hit the floor, and as always, the Sexpos had fun kicking some ass!

Dr.Johnny Capote

Thursday, August 27, 2009

WFTDA Preview: #11 Boston vs. Montreal

taken from derby news network

by Justice Feelgoo...

MANCHESTER, NH -- This Saturday afternoon, Montreal Roller Derby continues to seek their elusive first WFTDA-sanctioned win -- but they'll be taking on their highest-ranked opponent yet in the attempt, as the Boston Massacre, ranked #5 in a tough WFTDA Eastern Region and an unofficial #11 in the nation, plays its final bout before heading to the Eastern Regionals tournament on September 11.

Read on here...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our New Website!!

That's correct - we are back on-line! And in fine fashion, we must say... after several months of numerous "under construction" pages, we've finally launched a brand-spanking new website! There is a forum - where you can discuss the finer elements of our officials fancy dresses or throw out your theories behind the sudden awesomeness of MTLRD teams. You can check out photos and videos in the media section. And best of all you can check out photos and bios on your favorite players from the Contrabanditas, Les Filles du Roi, La Racaille, the Sexpos, or the New Skids on the Block. There is so much more, and thesite is cool and customizable - we are pretty excited about it.

Let us know what you think!

Monday, August 10, 2009


That's right ladies - now YOU TOO CAN BE A DERBY GIRL!!!

Starting Tuesday August 18th, at La Récréathèque, we are going to hold Boot Camps for aspiring Roller Girls. If you want to join MTLRD you NEED to complete the entire Boot Camp process first in order to be considered part of our league, and an official member of the Smash Squad.

This is how Boot Camp is going to work: There are five levels of skills to work on and a Newbie can NOT move to the next level if she did not pass the previous level.

Level 1: Basic Skating

-Form & Stride
-Single Foot Glides (Balance)
-Sticky Skates
-Complete Stops (t-stops and snow plows)
-Quick lane changes (slicing and crossovers)
-Endurance Laps: 5laps in 1min & 20Laps in 5mins

Level 2: Falls/Recovery- Balance/Agility
-Falls (single/double knee/baseball/porn star/180)
-Recovery within 3 seconds
-Stepping (standstill)
-Squatting (skating)
-Jumping (two feet and one to the other)
-Focus (looking behind)
-Weaving cone drill

Level 3: Skating with Others
-Whips & Pushes
-Weaving (snake drill)
-Pack skating w/unexpected obstacles)
-Bumping Wheels

Level 4: Blocking
-Taking Hits
-Booty blocking/ Hip hits/ Full body hits

Level 5: Written Exam
-Basic of the Game

There will be a tight structure for all the Boot Camps and including set testing dates. It is designed to give enough time for Newbies to learn, but is set at a fast pace so that by the time the league comes back from the off-season on November 3rd, Newbies will be "up to speed" and ready to join league practices. Please note: If a Newbie FAILS the same Level TWICE, she is not able to continue with boot camp. She will be encouraged to help out with the league, but can not skate as a Derby Girl until she tries-out again the following year.

Also Note: Due to the Boot Camps schedule **NO NEW GIRLS CAN JOIN AFTER SEPTEMBER 6th!**

Teaching Level 1: August 18th-30th
Level 1 TEST: Tuesday September 1st
Re-Test: Tuesday September 8th (No more testing Level 1)

Teaching Level 2: September 6th-13th
Level 2 TEST: Tuesday September, 15th
Re-Test: Tuesday September 22nd (No more testing Level 2)

Teaching Level 3: September 20th- October 4th
Level 3 TEST: Tuesday October 6th
Re-Test: Tuesday October 13th (No more testing Level 3)

Teaching Level 4: October 11th-25th
Level 4 TEST: Tuesday October 27th
Re-Test: Sunday November 1st (No more testing Level 4)

Final Test: Written Exam
TEST: Sunday November 1st
Re-Test: Tuesday November 3rd

For Newbies who were doing Re-Test of Level 4 on the 1st:
TEST: Tuesday November 3rd
Re-Test: Sunday November 8th.

More Info:
-COST: $20 a month to participate in the Boot Camp.
-You MUST HAVE Quad Skates and ALL GEAR by September.

-If you or anyone you know is interested, please email Trash & Smash at


À partir de mardi le 18 août nous allons commencer les des Camps d’Entraînement pour
Roller Girls potentielles. Si vous voulez joindre MTLRD vous devez ABSOLUMENT compléter tout le processus de Camps d’Entraînement pour faire partie de notre ligue et devenir un membre officiel de la Smash Squad.

Voici comment le Camp d’Entraînement va fonctionner: Il y a 5 niveaux de compétences à perfectionner et une Recrue ne peut PAS avancer au niveau suivant si elle n’a pas passé le niveau précédent.

*Niveau 1: Patinage de Base*
-Forme et Enjambée (niveau de confort sur patins)
-Patiner sur un pied (équilibre)
-« Sticky Skates » (patins restent sur le sol)
-Arrêts complets (arrêt en T et chasse-neige)
-Changements rapides sur la piste (couper et croisements)
-Endurance: 5 tours de piste en 1min & 20 tours en 5mins

*Niveau 2: Chutes/Rétablissement - Équilibre/Agilité*
-Chutes (sur un/deux genoux/baseball/complète/180)
-Rétablissement en 3 secondes
-Marcher (immobile)
-S’accroupir (en mouvement)
-Sauter (deux pieds en même temps et d’un pied à l’autre)
-Concentration (regarder en arrière)
-Exercice de slalom entre cônes

*Niveau 3: Patiner avec les autres*
-« Whips » et Poussées
-Maintenir le rythme
-Se faufiler (exercice « à la queue leu leu »)
-Patiner en groupe avec des obstacles inattendus
-Heurter les roues

*Niveau 4: Bloquer
-Recevoir des coups

-« Booty blocking »/ Coups de hanche / Coups corps complet

*Niveau 5 : Examen Écrit*
-Les bases du jeu

Tous les Camps d’Entraînement auront une structure rigoureuse et auront des dates d’examen pré- fixées. Cela a été créé pour laisser assez de temps aux Recrues d’apprendre, mais le rythme est assez rapide pour que, lorsque la ligue revient de sa saison « off » le 3 novembre, les Recrues seront en mesure de suivre et prêtes à se joindre aux pratiques de ligue. Veuillez prendre en note: Si une Recrue ÉCHOUE le même Niveau DEUX FOIS, elle ne pourra pas continuer le Camp d’Entraînement. Elle sera encouragée à nous aider lors des activités de la ligue, mais ne pourra pas patiner jusqu’à ce qu’elle refasse le Camp d’Entraînement l’année prochaine.

Notez aussi: Due à l’horaire du Camp d’Entraînement **NOUS N’ACCEPTERONS PAS DE NOUVELLES RECRUES APRÈS LE 6 SEPTEMBRE!**

Enseignement Niveau 1: 8-30 Août
*TEST Niveau 1: Mardi 1er Septembre*
Reprise du test: Mardi 8 Septembre (Fin des examens Niveau 1)

Enseignement Niveau 2: 6-13 Septembre
*TEST Niveau 2 : Mardi 15 Septembre*
Reprise du test : Mardi 22 Septembre (Fin des examens Niveau 2)

Enseignement Niveau 3: 20 Septembre-4 Octobre
*TEST Niveau 3: Mardi 6 Octobre*
Reprise du test: Mardi 13 Octobre (Fin des examens Niveau 3)

Enseignement Niveau 4: 11-25 Octobre
*TEST Niveau 4: Mardi 27 Octobre*
Reprise du test: Dimanche 1er Novembre (Fin des examens Niveau 4)

Examen Final: Examen écrit
*TEST: Dimanche 1er Novembre*
Reprise du test: Mardi 3 Novembre

Pour les Recrues qui ont fait la reprise du test Niveau 4 le 1er novembre:
TEST: Mardi, 3 Novembre
Reprise du Test: Dimanche 8 Novembre

Information supplémentaire:
-Coût: 20$ par mois pour participer au Camp d’Entraînement.
-Vous devez ABSOLUMENT avoir des patins à quatre roues (PAS à roues alignées) et TOUT L’ÉQUIPEMENT REQUIS à partir de septembre.

-Si vous êtes intéressés, veuillez contacter Trash & Smash à

**** MTLRD BOOTCAMP is from 7-9:30 PM at La Récréathèque in Laval. ****

Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Championsships - 100 FDR v. 97 La Racaille

MTLRD would like to thank all our fans, family and friends for participating in our season this year. We love you (honestly, we aren’t just saying that). We love this game, and we couldn’t do it without you.

For those of you who missed it, the championship game was all it should have been – close in score, intense in emotion, and cleanly played. In chatting with the other members on the Contrabanditas early that night – it was clear that we were quite anxious about the game. MTLRD is very much a large family - we practice together, we travel together and we party together. And it’s really nerve-wracking to witness a physical competition between two parts of your family – we were nervous that the game might become too emotional, too severe, and/or that someone might get hurt. While we are all well aware that contact sports can be dangerous, no one ever likes to see a friend go down – and we were uneasy about the bout.

Look at line up! Hundreds of MTLRD fans lining the block to see the championship bout!

That being said, what an electrifying night! It was so exciting to see people line up around the block to witness this year’s championship game. Being in top Montreal shape, our fans were prepared – they wore their team colours, made ridiculous signs and brought noise makers. The atmosphere was positively carnivalesque.

As the game started, it was clear that both teams were working strategically, rather than brutally, and that we were going to be in for one hell of a game. At risk of getting all play-by-play on you, I’ll mention only that FDR gained an early lead, and were able to maintain a lead throughout the game – with a point differential never much higher than 25-30 points. La Racaille played solid catch up whenever the differential increased by anything substantial and managed to play the whole game neck-and-neck with FDR. It was the closest match I have yet to witness, and certainly the most exciting game played thus far in Montreal.

The last jam ended with a long official pause, there seemed to be some uncertainty about the final score…. until finally the score was announced - 100-97 for Les Filles du Roi. La Racaille immediately congratulated their opponents – and amazingly everyone seemed to be ecstatic about the match.

- Ewan Wotarmy