Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 Championsships - 100 FDR v. 97 La Racaille

MTLRD would like to thank all our fans, family and friends for participating in our season this year. We love you (honestly, we aren’t just saying that). We love this game, and we couldn’t do it without you.

For those of you who missed it, the championship game was all it should have been – close in score, intense in emotion, and cleanly played. In chatting with the other members on the Contrabanditas early that night – it was clear that we were quite anxious about the game. MTLRD is very much a large family - we practice together, we travel together and we party together. And it’s really nerve-wracking to witness a physical competition between two parts of your family – we were nervous that the game might become too emotional, too severe, and/or that someone might get hurt. While we are all well aware that contact sports can be dangerous, no one ever likes to see a friend go down – and we were uneasy about the bout.

Look at line up! Hundreds of MTLRD fans lining the block to see the championship bout!

That being said, what an electrifying night! It was so exciting to see people line up around the block to witness this year’s championship game. Being in top Montreal shape, our fans were prepared – they wore their team colours, made ridiculous signs and brought noise makers. The atmosphere was positively carnivalesque.

As the game started, it was clear that both teams were working strategically, rather than brutally, and that we were going to be in for one hell of a game. At risk of getting all play-by-play on you, I’ll mention only that FDR gained an early lead, and were able to maintain a lead throughout the game – with a point differential never much higher than 25-30 points. La Racaille played solid catch up whenever the differential increased by anything substantial and managed to play the whole game neck-and-neck with FDR. It was the closest match I have yet to witness, and certainly the most exciting game played thus far in Montreal.

The last jam ended with a long official pause, there seemed to be some uncertainty about the final score…. until finally the score was announced - 100-97 for Les Filles du Roi. La Racaille immediately congratulated their opponents – and amazingly everyone seemed to be ecstatic about the match.

- Ewan Wotarmy

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