Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Susan Moss knows Montreal Roller Derby

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Smackdown in Bytown, indeed!

photo credit:
Vassilios Lanaris

Game report from the pages of Monsieur Dr. Johnny Capote, Sexpos Coach.

On January 31st 2009, the Bytown Blackhearts official home opener was held at the Norm Fenn Gym @ Carleton University, in Ottawa - their opposition was non other than MTLRD's newest travel team, the Sexpos. Both teams were excited to play before a sellout crowd.

The women came on strong, with Bytown laying a huge JTO (jammer take out) on Heartless Bitch in the first jam. However, a few smelling salts later, The Sexpos had a 10-2 lead after just 4 jams. Unfortunately, salts have a limited effect, and the Blackhearts eventually had a 12-0 run in two jams. It was 14-10 after six jams for the home team. The home crowd was wild. It's clear that derby will have a home in Ottawa long after this home opener.

After a few jams of evenly trading blows and points - the Sexpos picked up the pace and had a 20-2 run over the next six jams making, forcing the hosts to play catch up. By the half, it was 57-34 for the Sexpos.

The second half was, much like the first, crammed with big hits and big opportunities, made or missed, by both sides. The Sexpos continued to clog up the passing lanes, making it very difficult for the spunky and determined Bytown jammers to score. The final score was an impressive 108-65 for the Sexpos.

Cudos to the referee crew, which was short handed. The tight, haybail layden track, meant that the players decided the outcome of the match mainly in the pack trenches, and it wasn't easy to tell how much of it was clean. An awkward fall in the last jam by the Ottawa jammer, made the game finish much as it started - with a jammer on the floor - thankfully everyone was alright in the end.

As a Coach, I see that a sound foundation of derby playing can be found in the Bytown Blackhearts, which leads me to believe this young team will be a force to be reckoned with in the not too distant future.

As an aside, I believe the Sexpos also won the afterparty too (but honestly, who out-parties Montreal?). I faded early, coaches decision. Congrats to all!! Viva la derby, Ostie!!!

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