Sunday, May 24, 2009

Provincial Skatred - CN Power comes out on top.

all photos by Susan Moss

On Saturday May 23th 2009, La Racaille had the formidable task of playing Toronto's best-of-the-derby-best, The CN Power. We already knew that they had great pack players and speedy jammers, having played most of them at the Beast of the East. The game started with the usual feel-it-out jams and were very intense from the get go. We could tell this was gonna need a 60-minute effort from everyone. Unfortunatly, that’s about the point we decided to have a little nap. The nap translated into a 15 point or more run by Toronto over the course of a few jams in mid period. We finally woke up to close off the remaining jams but by the half-time the deficit of 25 points was gonna make it hard to hard close up. Half time score in favor of Toronto - 57-32.

So hey, we don’t ever quit. We shut up and skate.And skate we did in the second half. We had to play much better defense to hope for a positive result. The team gave a splendid push and played their hearts out winning the second half by a narrow 33-32 margin. Sadly, a 89-65 final score in favor of Toronto is all that matters for derby wins and losses.

From my floor perspective, this game was very exciting, and a score like 89-65 tells me there is a whole lot of derby strategy going on from both sides. It’s in the tiny details that the points accrue or are prevented. Both teams have done the homework. In a nutshell, GREAT GAME !!

This was La Racaille’s last game under the 3.1 ruleset and just when I’ve seen it all, something new happens. A little refresher course on jammer caps may be in order, huh boys and girls??

I’m assuming we won the after party, we always do, but I don’t coach those. I only go to those to beg for beers from my team. ;-)

Dr.Johnny Capote La Racaille

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